Our Company

Hide & Seek Africa is a vibrant “Afri boutique” nestled in the heart of Dubai. We specialize in exotic African gameskin, modular furniture structures and one of a kind ethnic artifacts.

We feel passionate about exploring the new blueprint for African style by fusing organic glamour with ├╝ber-chic, contemporary interiors.

Our slogan – ethnic modern living – embodies our objectives of striking a well balanced dialogue between the organic and the modern.

Our logo is an interlaced knot motif called the “Hausa Knot ” – representing eternity. The Hausa Knot originates from the HAUSA tribe in North Africa. This was a very popular motif embroidered on men’s gowns and carved onto wooden bowls.

Ethnic Modern Living

Diverse African inspiration drawn from across the continent encompasses evocative elements of style, mystery and nostalgia creating a cultural synergy rich with allusions. Raw elemental beauty is captured in opulent copper accents – currencies referencing ancient traders, modular structures fashioned from simple materials such as wood create vibrant visual appeal. Iron and bronze artifacts, rich in texture and patina, pay homage to the artistry of the continent’s craftspeople. Contrasting textures, morphing colours and primitive patterns embrace and merge seamlessly with the modern while striking a well-balanced dialogue with the untamed earthy spirit.
Vibrant detail, distinctive cultural signatures, moody drama and sculptured organic forms add an element of epic extraordinariness to any interior. Create a pleasing accord between modernity and tradition, solidity and buoyance, simplicity and sophistication.
The spirit and sophistication of our lifestyle products and modular furniture structures fashioned in the organic design vernacular serve as a tonic for the soul. Savage beauty suffused with intricate detailing and palpable history integrates the organic and the urban, the rustic and the sophisticated, the handcrafted and the high-tech of our daily domestic existence. Be it a place of simplicity and careful restraint, colonial grandeur or a warm welcoming oasis of conventional rustic charm. Hide & Seek Africa injects authentic simplicity and irreproachable style.